First Time

I don’t know what charm he got that made me get too attracted to such a random guy. He was looking stunning. I couldn’t resist myself staring at his way. From top to bottom, he was dressed wonderfully. I was falling for him. It was about three months back when I had sent him a request on facebook and he eventually turned out to be interested in me and asked me out the same day. We both were oblivious of our destinies. I couldn’t even dream of so much perfection that he got. We had our first kiss that day. Things are so changed now but I still remember how I was feeling that night aftrr coming back home. I was missing him for the one day we met. I was loving him. I was sure for him. I knew he’s the one. I was getting butterflies in my stomach and I was actually loving myself. God! I still remember how I couldn’t sleep all night. Yes, even after three months I remember that day though we ended. Today I’m feeling the same consciousness about myself because I met someone else. I gave him a chance. I don’t love him but I want to. And I don’t want to. I’m scared that he would cheat too. I’m afraid that he would leave too. I’m not going to fall in love this time but I don’t even kmow why the hell am I unable to sleep tonight. It’s so true— ‘You choose wisely when you bump into wrong people’.

Maybe it’s time to rethink and let not the scribbled past overtake the unwritten pages of a wonderful future.


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      1. It would be… If it makes me forget my past and never want to look back. It would be love if he would walk the journey of life with our choices and not his or mine only!

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