Because you know you love it!

Few days back, I was like no school and no more outings. My scooty was all messed up by the dust and some paint which fall straight from the adjoining building. When yesterday I looked at it— I could not clean it since I had less time. Today morning, I went with a duster and a bucket of water and started cleaning it like a helper would do. For anyone else it would have been disgusting but not for me. People walked past asking me what I’m doing and I was chill to tell them I’m cleaning my vehicle. It was nothing to bother because I knew I love it.

Similarly in real life— when people love you and care for you, they don’t hide it nor do they flaunt your relationship. They just aren’t afraid of telling others that they love you, no matter what it takes. Isn’t that ironic how sometimes we tell people that we love and and eventually realise we can’t tell others because maybe they ain’t good looking or smart enough or maybe unattractive!

Sometimes all you need is a mind that’s working to tell you how to move over your heart and think. Afterall, heart isn’t always right!


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