Just When You​ Don’t Need Reasons to Love

Craving for love it happened,

Long ago I saw this guy

But that day he looked different

Different from the world

He might have been the same forever but noticing last time was difficult

Deep into another guy I was

I knew it’s the right time now to approach and so did I

Asked him out and he agreed

We met at the corner of the street

He opened the door for me and I sat in the passenger’s seat

So silent and more calm I felt

For the first time I was in someone else’s car,

Someone else but it felt like it belonged to me since eternity

Why would he look so great? I questioned myself when he dropped the accelerator in the restaurant’s gate,

I stared at him and he pulled me down 

Throwing the keys to the bellet, we went inside

What Would you like to have? He asked

Cold coffee with some ice-cream. I said

He laughed at my childishness and I enjoyed

We then had our coffees and went ahead

Long away we drove for hours 

Talking about nothing but sweet desires

Desires from life and desires for life

He again parked the car in a parking lot,

I looked at him and he looked back

We stared each other for long and long

His deep brown eyes said a lot but I waited for his lips to conquer

He touched my neck and I let him do,

I was feeling comfortable since it felt new

Like nothing else we were feeling each other

No words to exchange and a lot to discover

It was a casual starting of a wonderful relationship

A relationship which I wasn’t sure of would ever work

I had my eyes closed when he kissed me

It was so passionate like it was the same forever

How sometimes do you meet people for the first time and know they are going to be that long searched rain drop?

How sometimes do you fall in love with a random guy at a food shop?

Falling in love with one and falling off love with other simultaneously!


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