The Well

The unpromising well!

After walking about 50 miles, Rizwan couldn’t bear the heat and was exhausted. The water bottle was empty since hours and he knew there’s no drop of water in the sand. But sometimes will power plays an important role. He had a hope that he would find some water and he kept moving regardless of his situation. He had covered two miles now that he saw a well. A well! Rizwan’s eyes shone like the stars in the galaxies that too when the sun was burning his throat away. He knew he would survive now. He realised that the water would quench his thirst and then he knew he would cover the distance to the well in minutes even though it was far enough to be seen like the size of a Matchbox. He continued to walk with the stick in his hand that helped him walk in the sea of sand. With each step, he knew he would get water and he decided to fill his bottle too for the rest of the journey. Rizwan covered the distance within a shorter​ time limit than he expected. He just now had to drop the bucket in the well and pull it out and drink the potion of savior. The bucket was tied up with the rope and thrown into the well. Tannnnn… It sounded. Heck! The well was empty and now his face too. All the shine from his eyes was gone. Gone forever because that was the last time he had opened them. Yes, he died. With the fact that he would no longer be surviving. Maybe he would have, but he gave up and he killed himself with the hopelessness!
There was a hope for some water. Seeing the well turned it into expectations. But you know what? Expectations hurt and over expectations kill. That’s what had happened with Rizwan. The well didn’t promise him water. There was no way he would know it from the distance. Peeking inside was only way out to know. Having expectations was life taking afterall, he imagined that the water would be found and would no longer need to wander around for it. He decided it was his final destination and so was!

Nothing is promising forever. It’s you who expect and sometimes the expectations grow too much and they kill you deep inside. Learn to live with a two sided mind. Know that a coin has two sides!


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  1. I found this confusing. You wrote that he died because he gave up and killed himself with hopelessness. But it seems more like he held out hope and moved toward it, but was disappointed. Perhaps had he not died of thirst, he could have found the strength to continue searching for water? The story seems to give the message that no matter what you do, you’re doomed, so why bother trying? It also suggests that perhaps it is best to have a contingency plan, such as being prepared with plenty of water before hiking across the desert. I enjoyed the read, but I’m afraid the message is unclear.

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    1. The guy would have had some strength to walk and the way he covered the distance to the well, he would have done the same had he not left hope and had not have any expectations.


      1. I guess I just interpreted it differently. I saw it less as expectations and more of the choice between the well, and the logical conclusion and hope that there may be water, versus the miles of desert sand, where there had been no water, and likely would continue to have no water for a long distance. And this guy is already dehydrated. His choice makes sense.

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