The Guy I Dream Of

Almost every relationship comes with some expectations that grow with time and not every time it’s wrong to expect. A little bit of daily conversation and small piece of care isn’t too much to expect. Is it? Nah!!!!! But some people can’t even afford making you smile once throughout the day. Whoa! So true right? And then it’s clear the relationship would not work out but it’s human nature to be dependent on others and they need someone with them everytime. Trying harder and harder and even harder to keep it all in a line, we all loose ourselves but who said loving with a broken heart is prohibited? It needs love to be repaired and here it goes, search for someone else moreover the better one. Learning from the past what is not needed and a list is being created. Mine goes this way…

That One Imaginary Figure—

  • A Reader: Obviously I need a reader. Afterall, the one who isn’t interested in my words would probably not be interested in me since that’s all I’ve. My words!
  • Good Looking: I don’t have the concept of ‘looks don’t matter’. They do like too much. How would you not like someone who looks good?
  • Appreciation: Be it a girl or a boy, who doesn’t like to be appreciated? Everyone does and everyone got some unique qualities. All we need is a right person to appreciate them and make us feel wonderful.
  • Surprises: Well, there’s something too much imaginary. Yes, it’s an imaginary part and I would wait to hell to let it happen. Sometimes I wonder if the one I’m committed to would call me and ask me to peek out of the window at midnight just because he was missing me and he just needs to see me once. I would love him to long for me and some more such insane stuff sometimes. 
  • A Healthy Conversation: What effects a relationship the most is how easily do you understand them or how hard you try to understand them. Keep the conversations short and real. And that’s all what I need. Someone to listen to my side and probably let me know where do I lack. It would be wonderful knowing each other inch—by—inch. Won’t it be?
  • Sharing Everything: Everyone got their secrets that you never want to share with anyone. But what I want is, the person shouldn’t have anything that had been told to atleast one person and not me. Sharing the problems wouldn’t make them easy, but I would know that he isn’t faking a reason and is stuck in a serious trouble. I got trust issues!
  • Love: For me it lies at the end of my list. Maybe I’ve seen too​ many real faces that I don’t want to fall in love at the first place with the wrong person. I would rather know him for all his goods and bads and then let my heart decide! So he needs to love me and keep me among the top 5 of his priorities. Everything will fall perfect with ‘US‘!

    The post is word-to-word imagination. Please do not try to link with real life!


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