Everything isn’t that easy. It is but not that much. Similarly everything isn’t that difficult. It is but not that much. And what counts in the end is not how hard it was, but how hard you tried to achieve it.

The most easy way to tackle amy problem is— run away.

Run away from the people who ain’t good, from the friends who ain’t listening to you, from a child who cries and from a relationship where your efforts are needed. It seems easy just because you don’t have to do anything but run. We all have just learnt one thing. RUN. Right?

But how about facing the poblems? I mean try to improve the humanity. Try to build up friendships. Try to make a child smile. Try to give time to your loved ones. 

I’m not saying do it. I’m just asking you to try it. Can you not atleast try? 

Afterall what counts in the end isn’t how difficult it was but how hard you tried. 

Failures are the pillars of success only if they learn from their mistakes. The only three types of people I’ve ever met are who—

  • Try, fail and quit
  • Try, fail and continue to fail
  • Try, fail, learn and achieve

That’s life. Everything​ is difficult and everything is easy, it’s just the way you look at it. Try not to run away from problems but solve them.


8 thoughts on “Difficulties

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  1. I agree, it is better to face against our issue than to run from them. Also, that running from them makes an unbelievable truth of what we are in such a rush from. Stand and take on our fears and challenges instead.

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