Chances​, Choices and Changes!

Life is a long journey, promising to stay forever is foolishness!

We all seek for happiness and 90% of people around ain’t happy. True statement. So, does that mean no one will ever be happy or what? Well, first of all— a lot many people might be writing about happiness but the fact is that happiness comes from within. Agree?

If you are happy, your problems will seem easier and trust me there’s no problem without solution. A peaceful brain and trustworthy heart is all that you need. I mean happiness.

Try out a new hobby which gives you inner peace. You never know what you are good at and please…

If you are good at something, Never do it for free if it doesn’t make you happy!

You might not get time to do what makes you happy, just make sure you ain’t doing what makes you sad.

I might not be too mature to write this but among the little experience I’ve gained, the two things I concluded are—

  • Nothing is impossible as long as it comes to give life to a dead body.
  • If you wish it, go for it and you’ll achieve it.

There’s no other rule for life but some at some uncertain situations, you need to be wise. Wise as in you need to take your time because life is all about choices, for every choice you get one chance and for every chance, you deal some changes that are sure to come. Who is responsible for it? You yourself. If the decision is proved right, it’s you and if it’s wrong, even then it’s you. So have peace and try to stay happy. Since, no one else gets paid to make you happy. 

I won’t say live your life. I would say love your life…


13 thoughts on “Chances​, Choices and Changes!

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  1. Very true We can all have bad days or be in a job we arent that fond of, quite right it helps to stay happy. My advice would be find a sector you see value in, that way even if it is one of the more miserable entry level roles, you can remind yourself that what you are doing matters. Then you can move up to a perhaps more senior or speacilised role and really enjoy the 9-5 🙂

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