Something Unexpected!

People think that being sweet to someone is what attracts them towards you. Well, it is true to some extent but ever thought of falling in love with the one who is the most rude to you. Not rude exactly but the one who isn’t sweet to you. Who never calls you. The one who doesn’t give time to you. And so many reasons that aren’t favourable. Ever thought of falling in love with someone like this?

Last night, I shared the link to my blog to some of the reader friends and one of them immediately replied—

‘Will you never text anything except this link?’

‘Did you check out the new post?’

‘I don’t want to.’

‘Fuck off dude! I’m busy right now.’

And what he said afterwards was totally unexpected. He told me that he had fallen for me and I couldn’t respond to it. Later on I told him it cannot be happening since we never met, never talked on call and I never text him even. But he was stubborn with the fact that he loves me. It was kinda weird but true. I’ve never been good to him and we used to fight mostly and I would ignore the texts to end the conversation. But this was something that made me hold on. I dig in deep and he said that he knows I would never believe it but the least I can do is to write about this on my blog. So I did.

The most beautiful feeling is falling in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time!


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