The Stranger I Just Saw TWICE

People come into your life when you are least expecting them to!

About 5 years back I had been to attend a wedding. The celebration was not about one night but a day as well including the tiring journey. As soon as we reached the place, we all went in to searching for our respective rooms.

‘Excuse me? Can you please tell me where this room number 27 is?’ A guy asked me suddenly. But no, he isn’t the stranger in this post. It’s his friend who was busy in his own life and I didn’t notice it then. Soon after I directed them to the room(since I just passed the room a while ago while searching for mine) and I saw them both walking away. And I realised I was stuck there like a portrait staring at the stranger guy who never even looked at me once. Maybe chatting with his girlfriend? I didn’t bother much for that moment and went in my own room afterall, I needed to look good at the ceremony. I seek for attention too much.

About 3 more hours of sleep and everyone was wandering around asking each other for help for make-up and dress-up. I don’t get these people. If they don’t even know anything, how would they do it at their own personal functions? I mean when everyone else’s helping hand isn’t around? Whatever, I am good at just two things— make-up and travelling! So wasn’t difficult for me to get ready within an hour. I put on my white gown that I had bought specially for the occasion and it suited me so well that everyone was forced to complement me. But my heart was seeking for his compliment and eyes for his glance. God! No way… This cannot be happening. I mean I wasn’t oblivious of it. But that was it. Somewhere among the crowd of people dancing, I got a glance of him. He looked cute wearing that green sweater that looked amazing and a black and dark green jacket on that with black jeans and sneakers. I had almost died the way he got dressed up. Whoa! It reminded me of the saying—

“Thousands might love a girl, she would fall for the one who doesn’t even notice her.”

And I was fine with it. By the time everything got over, all went to sleep and we left the place. Ghosh! The love story ended before it was supposed to start. I wasn’t bothered though. It was difficult but I knew it wasn’t love that is a different thing that I actually never fall for anyone else but him when I saw him the next time. Yes next time!

This December, I had been to another wedding. Everything was just same excluding the place and people. But he was there as well. I was getting some vibes that I’m going to meet my so called lost love and yes, I was correct. There he was dressed up all in black suit with a red tie and formal shoes. This time I had put on a blue fishcut shaped lahenga that looked amazing. I can conclude now that I was the second one who got most attention followed by the bride. And among the ‘most’ one was his. And I was happy to see that. It was a family function and we couldn’t stare at each other. No one was oblivious of each other’s feelings and were both hesitating to talk. Sometimes we would go close and sometimes too far but nothing could let us not see each other. I tried to initiate a conversation but his friend called him immediately and when he did the same, my mother called me and no conversation again. Not even a single ‘Hello’. And again it ended maybe for now or maybe forever. It just ended without exchanging a word. I longed to tell him that I had waited to see him again for over 5 years. I longed to ask out his name. I longed to know him. I longed to love him. But it ended. The wedding ceremony was over and we were all supposed to move back to our relative daily lives.

It cannot be just attraction. It is love. I still wait for the moment I would be able to tell him that. He might be loving someone else but I want to tell him that I only love him.

It’s weird how people don’t even talk to you and you get attracted towards them. For no reason probably. What would you call this feeling? That’s not for a moment but 5 years? I feel sorry for myself for not having a conversation. At least we could have exchanged numbers or so.

Mine is some kind of a Cinderella type story. Just the Cinderella didn’t left the shoe and is searching for her prince. But wait! Here, no clues. She can just wait for another glance and it might take years. But I’m ready to wait…


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  1. When I was 19 and freshly back from Iraq, I went on a road trip with a battle buddy of mine. We ended up on a beach in Florida for a while just enjoying the freedom of life. This girl came walking along, amazingly beautiful in a white two piece bikini and a small white anklet. I was still a shy guy, but I knew I had to say something.It was like, I could imagine our lives together forever in just those few seconds. I stood up and simply said “Hi”. She replied with a smile and even slowed her stride as if waiting for me to say more…but I didn’t. I stood there frozen as she smiled and slowly looked away from me and was gone.

    I said all that just to say…I know how you feel. Great post.

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  2. I really wish they had a term for it. Loving somebody whom you’ve never really had a conversation with. I’ve never actually had this happen, but it sounds almost more magical than your typical “falling in love” type story. This was a great read. Thanks so much for this!

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