How to make one feel guilty?

Just sometimes, when your heart gets​ broken or something not particularly a relationship but it can be a friendship too. It’s sure that it has to be among two or more people and one of them is always right. That one is who gets hurt. So, when you get over the disaster of fighting the fears of being living without someone particular and you know you are right and what they did was too wrong to be done, you need to make them realise it. Don’t you? It would be better to have faith in the word ‘KARMA’ but what if you ain’t a karma believer? You will do it yourself. You will  want that person to feel what he/she lost and should be sorry right? I mean let’s just talk about me… If it comes to me realising my mistake, I make the best of my efforts for the sorry. Maybe coz I’m a writer?

Well, that’s a dilemma—how to make one feel guilty when they already know what they did and are totally happy? 

Some prefer being sad in front of them and pretending they ain’t happy and gay like before. They just pretend because moving on was already done. And it doesn’t bother the other one. Or does it? I think that doesn’t make any difference. What makes a difference is… The person needs to realise your true potential and your real being. They need to know you are far better now and doing something wrong with you wasn’t a good choice. Then they need to know that— without you, they are leading a life less than they deserve. And that’s the thing. Nothing but this can lead one to regrets. Even though smile is something which lightens the heaviness of problems over your head and that kills some of the people like the ones you want to feel guilty and regret. Try to be the best of you. Try out some of your hobbies or try finding some new. So the least you can do for now and forever is just smile. Afterall the government won’t charge any tax from you. And even if it is so, then we are Indians. If you know what I mean?

Good luck peeps!


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