Unsaid Epiphany

What do you do when you accidentally dial your ex’s number and then you cannot tell them it was by mistake afterall you know what they will prefume it as right? They won’t believe it was a mistake and would take it as a sign of a hook-up probably. Moreover you cannot continue to talk because in a moment or other they would ask you the questions that you will never wish to answer. Yes those questions that don’t got an answer and here you are struck!

‘Hey! I wasn’t expecting your call. I mean… I… Er… How are you?’

‘Hello! I’m good! How about you?’

‘I’m good too. And how is everything else? How is life treating you?’

‘Well enough to let me long to live more.’

‘Sounds great.’

‘Yeah! How’s life treating you?’

‘Like life!’

‘You are clever.’

‘You are happier.’

‘I… Er… Yeah I’m.’

‘Are you? I mean you look so. How happy​ are you with him?’ (Question 1)



It’s the moment when you will not speak. Maybe because you don’t want to hurt them or maybe because you ain’t happy. But in both the case you just can’t speak up. Can you? Nops! Fuck… You can’t say a word and they will surely presume something out of it. What next? Hanging up isn’t any good idea. Better chane the topic to continue…

‘Oh God! I completely forgot to congratulate you for the new relationship. She looks pretty though. What’s her name? Shanaya maybe? If am not wrong?’

‘Umm… Shanaya? She’s history babe. It was about a month or so back.:

‘Oh! Sad. Why did you end up?’

‘Why did you?’ (Question 2)


That’s all you can say but limit your voice to yourself. Why would he take the topic in between? Can he not have peace with himself. What should I reply to him now? Let’s just face it without actually doing the same.

‘We had a discussion about it already.’

‘Yeah! Well, we ended like we did.’


‘Yeah Shanaya and me ended like you and me for no reason.’



‘May I just call you later? I mean… Er… I got to go somewhere.’

‘I know you ain’t going anywhere. You just can’t take it anymore. Face it! You still love me. Don’t you?’ (Question 3) ‘That’s why you called. Right? (Question 4)


Because at this point, nothing can change it back and that’s the most you can do. So just pretend no calls were made. Delete the number which you didn’t till now since you needed to tell yourself that you are strong enough to have it before your eyes and never dial. Obviously babe you are, but these accidental calls won’t explain you point of view. And that’s how you once again put someone into expectations and decide never to get back.


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