Direct me to the Dream world ☄

And I’m forced to write it because someone said— ‘Grow up Archee! Stop posting every fucking thing on social sites. It’s not your dream world. It’s real life!’

Baby, do you even know what’s going on in Archee’s life? Do you even bother to ask me out if everything is going smooth or my life is fucked up all together? No you don’t probably. But today I uploaded a status on Facebook for someone was bothering me and it was an indirect indication to that person to stop. But then it was taken in a wrong way by you and I was scolded about the same for an hour almost…


Archee please grow up… It’s not the dream world shit you write about. It’s real life. And a comment on your writings, You write shit. You don’t know anything about writing and you tell people that you are a good writer. Come out of imaginations. Grow up please grow up. I just don’t want to talk to you!

Someone please ask this person if I ever needed his reviews? Yes I want everyone’s interest in my writing but I don’t beg for it. And for the last line, when does it actually happen that you want to talk to me love? (the formality part of daily “good morning” messages is excluded here)

I’m sorry I was not grown up too mature. It’s my fault. I’m sorry I live in my fantasies and I believe in them. I’m sorry I’m unable to cope up with the real world. But you know what love? I tried my best. I tried my level best to survive in this real world and I couldn’t so giving in. Yes I give up now. I give up on these people around who are too good to accept me. I give up on the society who refuse to take anything positively and today I give up on every fucking one who is unable to listen my side of the story and continues to speak the shit off their tongue. I give up on this real world. Someone please direct me to the dream world… 

Please direct me to the magical door which leads to the dream world I fantasize of. The world where no one knows me. The world where no one speaks. Afterall, even in this real world, my words fail to explain myself and everyone else’s hurt. Lead me to the world where it’s just me and no one else. Sounds selfish? Yes I’m. Lead me to that dream world and I promise I would never wish to come back. Never… 

I’m hurt today. Too badly hurt. No, it isn’t what was said. It’s the manner it was being said in. I want to accept the fact that the post was wrong. It was totally a disrespect of the army but unintentionally. I’m sorry for that everyone. I’m extremely sorry. I would never repeat my mistake but never would I ever forget the way I was forced​ to realise it. It’s not just about my relationship, it’s about my self respect. I was wrong but the words weren’t right as well. Protecting someone’s respect doesn’t require violating other’s and if it does let me know. I’ll apologise for it in the next post.

P.S.— I still need to grow up more! And I know I write shit… But it makes me feel good like no one else!


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