The Conclusions

Hey there!

Too late this time. Sorry for that. So the title isn’t that clear to all right? Let me elaborate the topic of the post. Well, doesn’t it happen with you like whenever you needed someone you found them too busy to even take the calls. They just state the reason and we have to decide to ourselves if they are faking a reason or they really are busy. That’s the conclusion which changes a relationship. Be it among friends, siblings, parents and children or the lovers.

Let’s just not think too much and talk about me. Yesterday, I asked my brother to pick me up from the coaching and he replied with ‘Di, I’m at a party and can’t leave.’ 

Was he actually too busy in partying or was faking a reason. The conclusion had to be mine since he played his part.

So if I think that he was just faking a reason, my behavior towards him would turn to worse abd there would be a gap amongst her. While on the other hand if I try to understand his side or atleast believe him, I would be normal with him and next time he himself would know who is prior. It would save a lot of mental stress right?

Next I called my friend who was out of the city and couldn’t come. Again there was a time of dilemma. Well, it’s not just about a family member that you trust. You have to be equally moderate with all.

Now if I had concluded that he was faking a reason, it would have resulted in a broken friendship. My friend would have thought I couldn’t believe him and I would have thought that I wasn’t important to him. That’s just so cheesy. In this case too, patience works.

Sometimes life throws us into those situations where our solutions are based on our own conclusions. To get through, we must know how it would end on any of our reaction towards the situation and see, it’s easy.

The only thing you need to believe is—

Even a professional lier may be stating a truth to 50%


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