The Last Call(maybe)

The complete story is in third person!

Tring Tring…

Her heart bounced as she dialled his number. It was almost about three days back when he texted her—

‘Stay happy with your new boyfriend. I’m no more being an obstacle and let me be free. No calls and texts please.’

Since then Avanti couldn’t dare initiating any conversation but waited. Nothing turned out and then she got a chance. The practicals. Yes the practicals. She immediately dialled his number and waited with her fingers crossed for Debashish to pick it up.


‘Hy Deb!’

‘Debashish it is’

‘Oh! Right. Can you please help me with the lab manuals. I know nothing.’

He faked a laughter and immediately apologized for the same.

Yeah I’ll. Just take out your book and I’ll tell you where to read.’ He said and they started studying over the call.

He was faking the care. Maybe? And she was listening to his voice. Who knows if it would ever come back? Few more minutes and a ‘bye’ was muttered. The call hung up.

Both sat in their beds. The two rooms that laid on the two corners of the city and were too different were equally same now. Dark and covered with silence. Both had thoughts in mind. He was thinking how mean she is to call him just whenever she was in need. Whereas she was still searching for a valid reason to call him again.

No one was too wrong and none was too right as well. Avanti chose to end it for them. And he chose to end it for her was unable to bear the pain.

Sometimes we need to take wrong steps and let it be bad than taking the right steps making it worse.



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