Tiring Train

Since we needed tickets in emergency, the only available train was a chair car. Dude! It’s so tiring. I mean I seriously didn’t sleep over for two nights and obviously the reason is no more worthy and so I want to sleep. It’s just so irritating and I’m sure my restlessness would soon turn into anger that I don’t want. Afterall someone last night said ‘Anger is just one letter away from Danger’

So there’s nothing good in this journey but this kid. Yeah, a kid about 4 years old. He’s sitting before my eyes in his father’s lap stealing glances at me. When I entered the train, he was the first one meeting my eyes and he got attached but you won’t believe he didn’t still talk to me no matter how hard I tried. At the starting, he was sitting too far and I was like playing hide and seek with just eyes. Then I suddenly hid behind the front seat and realised the little boy got out of his senses and just came to search me and once he saw me, he ran away back to his seat. What is it guys? It took just few minutes for me to realise that the he really likes me too much to disappear but then he’s afraid to talk. Not because I’ll be rude or strange but he’s shy.

It’s not just about this child. Atleast he was unknown but when you see people around, you realise there are a lot many people who know you too well or maybe did at once but no more react that way. They pretend to never have noticed you in public places and keep wishing you to initiate a conversation back to them but no one does because of something you guys had in past. Well, people why can we not take it easy? No one is meant to stay forever in our lives. The least we can do is go with the known present rather than worrying about the unknown future. Afterall, you never know what future holds right? That too everything comes by time. You’ll probably learn to live in the time soon. So just live the present and nourish each and every moment of your life. They won’t be back. Moreover water the seeds you sowed once in someone’s heart.

So, hope the article was useful in healing your brain and heart and help you overcome your egoes. Now let me make some memories with the kid by the time you just think about it once for few minutes and tell me if I’m wrong anywhere?



Wishing you and your family a very happy Holi



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