Day 2 (Lucknow Diaries)

How can you be both hot and adventures all at the same time? Well that’s me anyway! It was fun to be there walking down the pathways and then suddenly climbing up the highest peaks of the place. Whoa! The residency of the Lucknow was fun. Must visit guys. It was my second day and probably I’m tired but I loved it anyway. Moreover I loved being myself there!

When I told my friends that I’ll be visiting Lucknow, everyone was like what’s there in Lucknow? There’s nothing babe. Watch now what I explored!

This one is a Statue of Liberty pose on the top most peak of residency

Places you can explore:

  • Residency
  • Chhota Imambara
  • Roomi Darwaza
  • Husainabad Clock Tower

Must visit these places once you’re here.

And for the girls, the best market for window shopping is “Hazratganj Market” whereas for malls, you may try the Sahara mall.

Sahara Mall

—the oldest mall of the city

Hazratganj Market

the heart of the city


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