Just Girlish Things✌

​When me and mom go to a trip, we people end up with nothing having a lot and lot and lot of useless but worthy discussions… Here’s a part of our midnight conversation when we we’re packing our stuff!

All set baby?

Yeah just one more pair of shoes. You never know right?

You are saying the same for everything you are throwing in the bag. Aren’t you?

But that’s so true mom. You really never know what can happen. Carry more, be safe.

Cool. It’s 3:45 already. Go get ready now.

Oh. Lemme grab something to put on. But wait, hey! I got nothing in the cupboard. I packed it all. Huh!

Yeah baby, because you never know✌
That’s so mean mommi😕

I think you better stay here with your clothes. Sorry limited clothes. Right?

No, I think I better buy a new wardrobe from Lucknow itself.

But you bought a dress just last month.

Oh you reminded me. I should pack it too.

But honey u already packed up 14 dresses for less than a week.

But that’s my favorite know?

Yeah right!

So, I’ve nothing to wear. Okay! I’m putting on thing old jeans and tee.



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