And It Ends:

You never know if they meet you to say the first hello or the last goodbye!


5 December
Dear Diary,
And I’m finally back with what the situation demanded. I’m pretending to forget those beautiful months of my life. I’m pretending that ‘WE’ never existed. I’m pretending I just have a crush on him. I’m pretending I never loved him. I’m pretending he never cared for me. I’m pretending I’m happy but there’s something real that I’m not pretending. My tears. No matter how hard I try, they slip out. He made me a great actor plus I’m a writer almost. I’m glad for this and it ends. With a smile it ends, with his unknown reactions it ends, with just one phone call it ends, with his humorous jokes in the batch it ends, being a good listener it ends, being a silent speaker it ends, loosing myself it ends. And then being a stalker it ends… It ends… For a new beginning… A beginning yet to come.


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