But I don’t want him back…

Hey wait!

I’m just missing something right now. Is that my ex?

Oh! I’m missing him for everything he used to do and no one else does anymore. The care he showed, the love he showered, the fantasy world he created and all the magical moments we had spent together. But wait, that doesn’t mean I want him back. His qualities may or maynot be seen in anyone else but then, I say everyone is different. Everyone got a unique charm and I believe in encountering them. So yes I’m missing my ex right now and the memories of our so called love. But that doesn’t mean I want him back…


One thought on “But I don’t want him back…

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  1. ohhoo!! siddhart…i wish teko kabhi kisi se ho jata pyaar… i’m not saying ki mujhse…but i’m concerned how many guys you’hve ditched Archee..but i wish teko jaldi mil jae koi with whom you’ll spend years like minutes ❤

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