Direct me to the Dream world ☄

And I’m forced to write it because someone said— ‘Grow up Archee! Stop posting every fucking thing on social sites. It’s not your dream world. It’s real life!’

Baby, do you even know what’s going on in Archee’s life? Do you even bother to ask me out if everything is going smooth or my life is fucked up all together? No you don’t probably. But today I uploaded a status on Facebook for someone was bothering me and it was an indirect indication to that person to stop. But then it was taken in a wrong way by you and I was scolded about the same for an hour almost…


Archee please grow up… It’s not the dream world shit you write about. It’s real life. And a comment on your writings, You write shit. You don’t know anything about writing and you tell people that you are a good writer. Come out of imaginations. Grow up please grow up. I just don’t want to talk you!

Someone please ask this person if I ever needed his reviews? Yes I want everyone’s interest in my writing but I don’t beg for it. And for the last line, when does it actually happen that you want to talk to me love? (the formality part of daily “good morning” messages is exception here)

I’m sorry I was not grown up too mature. It’s my fault. I’m sorry I live in my fantasies and I believe in them. I’m sorry I’m unable to cope up with the real world. But you know what love? I tried my best. I tried my level best to survive in this real world and I couldn’t so giving in. Yes I give up now. I give up on these people around who are too good to accept me. I give up on the society who refuse to take anything positively and today I give up on every fucking one who is unable to listen my side of the story and continues to speak the shit off their tongue. I give up on this real world. Someone please direct me to the dream world… 

Please direct me to the magical door which leads to the dream world I fantasize of. The world where no one knows me. The world where no one speaks. Afterall, even in this real world, my words fail to explain myself and everyone else’s hurt. Lead me to the world where it’s just me and no one else. Sounds selfish? Yes I’m. Lead me to that dream world and I promise I would never wish to come back. Never… 

I’m hurt today. Too badly hurt. No, it isn’t what was said. It’s the manner it was being said in. I want to accept the fact that the post was wrong. It was totally a disrespect of the army but unintentionally. I’m sorry for that everyone. I’m extremely sorry. I would never repeat my mistake. I would never forget the way I was force to realise it. It’s not just about my relationship, it’s about my self respect. I was wrong but your words weren’t right as well. Protecting someone’s respect doesn’t require violating other’s and if it does let me know. I’ll apologise for it in the next post.

P.S.— I still need to grow up more! And I know I write shit…

The Conclusions

Hey there!

Too late this time. Sorry for that. So the title isn’t that clear to all right? Let me elaborate the topic of the post. Well, doesn’t it happen with you like whenever you needed someone you found them too busy to even take the calls. They just state the reason and we have to decide to ourselves if they are faking a reason or they really are busy. That’s the conclusion which changes a relationship. Be it among friends, siblings, parents and children or the lovers.

Let’s just not think too much and talk about me. Yesterday, I asked my brother to pick me up from the coaching and he replied with ‘Di, I’m at a party and can’t leave.’ 

Was he actually too busy in partying or was faking a reason. The conclusion had to be mine since he played his part.

So if I think that he was just faking a reason, my behavior towards him would turn to worse abd there would be a gap amongst her. While on the other hand if I try to understand his side or atleast believe him, I would be normal with him and next time he himself would know who is prior. It would save a lot of mental stress right?

Next I called my friend who was out of the city and couldn’t come. Again there was a time of dilemma. Well, it’s not just about a family member that you trust. You have to be equally moderate with all.

Now if I had concluded that he was faking a reason, it would have resulted in a broken friendship. My friend would have thought I couldn’t believe him and I would have thought that I wasn’t important to him. That’s just so cheesy. In this case too, patience works.

Sometimes life throws us into those situations where our solutions are based on our own conclusions. To get through, we must know how it would end on any of our reaction towards the situation and see, it’s easy.

The only thing you need to believe is—

Even a professional lier may be stating a truth to 50%

The Last Call(maybe)

The complete story is in third person!

Tring Tring…

Her heart bounced as she dialled his number. It was almost about three days back when he texted her—

‘Stay happy with your new boyfriend. I’m no more being an obstacle and let me be free. No calls and texts please.’

Since then Avanti couldn’t dare initiating any conversation but waited. Nothing turned out and then she got a chance. The practicals. Yes the practicals. She immediately dialled his number and waited with her fingers crossed for Debashish to pick it up.


‘Hy Deb!’

‘Debashish it is’

‘Oh! Right. Can you please help me with the lab manuals. I know nothing.’

He faked a laughter and immediately apologized for the same.

Yeah I’ll. Just take out your book and I’ll tell you where to read.’ He said and they started studying over the call.

He was faking the care. Maybe? And she was listening to his voice. Who knows if it would ever come back? Few more minutes and a ‘bye’ was muttered. The call hung up.

Both sat in their beds. The two rooms that laid on the two corners of the city and were too different were equally same now. Dark and covered with silence. Both had thoughts in mind. He was thinking how mean she is to call him just whenever she was in need. Whereas she was still searching for a valid reason to call him again.

No one was too wrong and none was too right as well. Avanti chose to end it for them. And he chose to end it for her was unable to bear the pain.

Sometimes we need to take wrong steps and let it be bad than taking the right steps making it worse.


Tiring Train

Since we needed tickets in emergency, the only available train was a chair car. Dude! It’s so tiring. I mean I seriously didn’t sleep over for two nights and obviously the reason is no more worthy and so I want to sleep. It’s just so irritating and I’m sure my restlessness would soon turn into anger that I don’t want. Afterall someone last night said ‘Anger is just one letter away from Danger’

So there’s nothing good in this journey but this kid. Yeah, a kid about 4 years old. He’s sitting before my eyes in his father’s lap stealing glances at me. When I entered the train, he was the first one meeting my eyes and he got attached but you won’t believe he didn’t still talk to me no matter how hard I tried. At the starting, he was sitting too far and I was like playing hide and seek with just eyes. Then I suddenly hid behind the front seat and realised the little boy got out of his senses and just came to search me and once he saw me, he ran away back to his seat. What is it guys? It took just few minutes for me to realise that the he really likes me too much to disappear but then he’s afraid to talk. Not because I’ll be rude or strange but he’s shy.

It’s not just about this child. Atleast he was unknown but when you see people around, you realise there are a lot many people who know you too well or maybe did at once but no more react that way. They pretend to never have noticed you in public places and keep wishing you to initiate a conversation back to them but no one does because of something you guys had in past. Well, people why can we not take it easy? No one is meant to stay forever in our lives. The least we can do is go with the known present rather than worrying about the unknown future. Afterall, you never know what future holds right? That too everything comes by time. You’ll probably learn to live in the time soon. So just live the present and nourish each and every moment of your life. They won’t be back. Moreover water the seeds you sowed once in someone’s heart.

So, hope the article was useful in healing your brain and heart and help you overcome your egoes. Now let me make some memories with the kid by the time you just think about it once for few minutes and tell me if I’m wrong anywhere?



Wishing you and your family a very happy Holi


Day 3 (Lucknow Diaries)

Hey peeps!

Am I late this time? Well, the day was hectic from shopping to the dinner date with my favorite person (Dinesh Uncle).

Sorry for sharing it too late with you people but I had been into a wrong relationship with someone since 16 July 2016 and we ended up too soon like 3 months or such. He made me believe in fairytales and then suddenly turned out to be such an ignorant person that I started finding reasons for myself not being attractive enough. Dude! I cried my heart out and I’m really sorry for it.

EdiItt took over 4 months of mine to realise my potential and that it wasn’t my fault. We weren’t compatible anymore.

What happened day before yesterday was the guy texted me like he still loves me. He never actually mentioned that but indirectly he indicated me towards his feelings.

Trying to flirt maybe?

I pretended not to notice and continued with my plans for the day but soon I realised that I need to talk about this. Everything cannot happen like he wants it to. Can it?

I called him over 100 times in these 2 days and he got back to his own ignorant self.

Completing the sentence

Didn’t bother me enough. But then he picked up the call and said— ‘Why do you keep so much expectations from me? I’m busy. Dare you call me.’

It confused me like do I laugh or shout at him? I mean did I ask you to tell me that I look hotter now? Did I ask you to tell me the reason for helping me? Did I ever called you for nonsense reasons in the last few weeks? Did I ever started a useless conversation?

So here’s a letter to that person—

You know I don’t hate you? I cannot. Afterall you told me that anyone can be fake and how not to trust people. You taught me how to be the worst of me. You taught me how to loose confidence. You taught me how to feel low. You taught me that love doesn’t exist. You taught me that I’m worthless. And so… When I’m over your lessons and I know how to be myself without being dependent on anyone, dude ANYONE, when I gained my confidence, when I’m more attractive than before, when I’m more beautiful than before, when I know how to talk to people, moreover when I’m perfect, you told me you love me? Do you even know what it was? It was like you just killed me and when I somehow got my breath back cause of some mercy shown by the Angel of death, you want to kill me all over again? Sorry I’m not that fool anymore. Have peace with your life now. I’m glad you didn’t let me record to be broken. Which record? The record of my exes regretting their last decision. Though you clearly changed your words lateron but I’m sure everyone reading this knows everything. So no more explanations.


That’s it. Now I’ll be heading to Meerut tomorrow. The daily routine would begin. There would be no more calls and no more messages to that person.

I just want to confess since I’m not egoistic that I felt too strong for that person that when he left, he broke my trust, faith and loyalty all at once. I called it love but I’m sure it wasn’t. Afterall,

If it’s not forever, it’s not love!

Day 2 (Lucknow Diaries)

How can you be both hot and adventures all at the same time? Well that’s me anyway! It was fun to be there walking down the pathways and then suddenly climbing up the highest peaks of the place. Whoa! The residency of the Lucknow was fun. Must visit guys. It was my second day and probably I’m tired but I loved it anyway. Moreover I loved being myself there!

When I told my friends that I’ll be visiting Lucknow, everyone was like what’s there in Lucknow? There’s nothing babe. Watch now what I explored!

This one is a Statue of Liberty pose on the top most peak of residency

Places you can explore:

  • Residency
  • Chhota Imambara
  • Roomi Darwaza
  • Husainabad Clock Tower

Must visit these places once you’re here.

And for the girls, the best market for window shopping is “Hazratganj Market” whereas for malls, you may try the Sahara mall.

Sahara Mall
—the oldest mall of the city

Hazratganj Market

the heart of the city

Day 1 (Lucknow Diaries)

When you demand it, you probably don’t get it. So I concluded that I really deserve happiness at this point!

So it’sthe first day of me at Lucknow and reaching the hotel room I was like in heaven. The arrangements made by my mum are remarkable. Finally, after a long journey. Hey journey here doesn’t mean the travelling but journey of grey. I’m happy now. Too much. I don’t know what tomorrow got planned for me. I don’t even know the plans of the next hour. All that I know right now is I got my journal, headphones, phone, heels, dresses and this bed I’m sitting at. That too Mom clearly said—

‘You are completely free to be yourself now. Just do whatever you want and go wherever you wish.’

So that’s the entry of day one. Will update the next shortly. I think I now go grab some dresses from the stores since I clearly mentioned in the previous post that I got too less.


The First Rain☔

Love is a four letter word and so is hate!

—Durjoy Datta

That one glance at you

and I was taken,

But then everything that falls

has to be broken.

I knew I was falling for you

and I couldn’t stop,

I was falling continuously

like a rain drop.

There when it ended

I did not cry,

The happiness was a

feeling of wry.

Standing here in the balcony today,

I wait,

I wait and still wait

knowing that our casual meetings would never

turn into a lovers date.

Never have I ever

felt so alone,

Little did I know the first rain of the season

would make me feel so drown!

Just Girlish Things✌

​When me and mom go to a trip, we people end up with nothing having a lot and lot and lot of useless but worthy discussions… Here’s a part of our midnight conversation when we we’re packing our stuff!

All set baby?

Yeah just one more pair of shoes. You never know right?

You are saying the same for everything you are throwing in the bag. Aren’t you?

But that’s so true mom. You really never know what can happen. Carry more, be safe.

Cool. It’s 3:45 already. Go get ready now.

Oh. Lemme grab something to put on. But wait, hey! I got nothing in the cupboard. I packed it all. Huh!

Yeah baby, because you never know✌
That’s so mean mommi😕

I think you better stay here with your clothes. Sorry limited clothes. Right?

No, I think I better buy a new wardrobe from Lucknow itself.

But you bought a dress just last month.

Oh you reminded me. I should pack it too.

But honey u already packed up 14 dresses for less than a week.

But that’s my favorite know?

Yeah right!

So, I’ve nothing to wear. Okay! I’m putting on thing old jeans and tee.


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